Miracle amid Eli tragedy: He witnessed two friends killed while bullets flew through his peyot

Miracle amid Eli tragedy: He witnessed two friends killed while bullets flew through his peyot

When tragedy takes place, there can sometimes be an inspiring story of faith and inspiration that usually remains untold. While four holy Jews were brutally murdered on Tuesday by Palestinian terrorists, one teenage boy miraculously escaped unscathed. 

Two Palestinian terrorists murdered four Jews at a gas station outside of Eli in Samaria on Tuesday afternoon. After the tragedy, Gait Azouri who lives in Shiloh contacted Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, a kabbalist who blogs under the title Sod HaChashmal. She related a miracle that took place during the tragic terror attack. 

Her teenage son, Natan Simcha, left home on Tuesday morning to spend the day with two friends. They had acquired a mule and were planning on riding around the area. Before setting out, the three friends wanted to have lunch and after considering their options, chose to eat at Hummus Eliyahu, the restaurant adjacent to the gas station near Eli. As they were eating, the Palestinian terrorists entered the restaurant and opened fire. Two of the friends, Nachman Shmuel Mordoff, 17, a resident of Achiya, and Harel Masoud, a 21-year-old resident of Yad Binyamin, were killed in the opening shots.

“The bullets came so close that they passed through his peyot (sidecurls),” Galit told Rabbi Fish. “He has very thick hair and large, bushy peyot. His hair was singed and he felt them pass by his face but he didn’t even get scratched.”

She related that even though he was not physically harmed, he is suffering trauma from witnessing the brutal murder of his two friends.

“It is impossible to say why some were killed while others were spared,” she told Israel365 News. “But, by coincidence, that morning, I gave a significant sum of charity to Rabbi Fish in order to enable the study of Torah.”

In accordance with Jewish tradition, she gave ten times 18, which is the gematria of the word chai (life). 

Natan Simcha recorded a video from the exact location of the attack.

“I saw my two friends murdered right here,” Natan Simcha told Israel365 News. “So many times, people ask why is it the holiest people who are killed and taken to heaven. It is hard to say but maybe people think it would be better if someone who wasn’t quite as holy would be taken. My two friends were so holy. They learned Torah. They settled the land of Israel. They did everything for the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Why should God take them?”

“God took them because they were precious. Rather than take others who didn’t do such amazing things for Israel, who don’t serve Hashem so much, God took my friends who were precious to Him.”

“Because of this, we need to become stronger in loving the land of Israel, loving our fellow Jews. There really aren’t very many people like my friends who love Israel like they did. The land of Israel is holy and doesn’t belong to those horrible people who kill children and send children to murder others. They walk around with guns, spilling blood on holy soil.”

“We need to wake up. We have to love Israel and love each other.”

The other Jewish victims were identified as Elisha Antman, an 18-year-old resident of the town of Eli and Ofer Feirman, another Eli resident aged 63. “We are engaged in a battle against evil,” Rabbi Fish said. “This is nothing new for the Jewish people. Evil people hate the Jews, especially in the land of Israel. Jews who are killed by these evil people are killed in kiddush Hashem (sanctifying God’s eternal name). We have to fight evil on two levels. We have to fight on the physical plane but also on the spiritual plane. Charity drives evil away and can save people from death.”

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