In an interview between channel 12 news reporters Oded Ben Ami and his political correspondent Amnon Abramovitch on the Actualia program, while discussing Netanyahu, the two repeated passages from the mourners kaddish prayer implying that they consider the Israeli Prime Minister to be dead.

The interview set off a storm on social media and even led to protests outside the Keshet studio in Neve Ilan. Israel’s mainstream media, especially Abramovitch, have a reputation of being hostile towards the right and Prime Minister Netanyahu in particular.

On the topic of of Netanyahu’s successor, Abramovitch said that “he would like to see the end of the Netanyahu era”. To that, Ben Ami responded saying a passage from the Jewish prayer for a person who dies saying “ba’agala uvizman kariv” you say. The words mean ‘speedily and soon’ to which Abramovich responded “speedily and soon, amen!”.  To which Ben Ami added “amen”. This is a passage exclusive to the prayer over a dead person.

“They are not even trying to hide their hatred of Netanyahu” the Likud responded of Twitter. “Imagine right-wingers said the same about left-wingers. They have no shame” the tweet read. About 2,000 complaints were filed against both Abramovitch and Ben Ami reports Israel Today.

Ben Ami has since apologized for the poor taste of words calling them “a failed choice of words. I did not mean to hurt.” Abramovitch on the other hand, technically apologized but followed it up with some self-victimization saying: “I’ve been in these trenches for decades” adding that “there are many threats on a level I have never recalled. The internet surfers are frantically swearing and threatening on a level never before seen.”

The second authority chairman of the Israeli communications ministry has said that their “sentiments are worthy of all the condemnations. And that they are considering opening an ethics violation” according to Globes.


Source: Israel in the News