An anti-Israel demonstration

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One of the ads posted in a London Tube train. (Twitter)

Activists kicked off the annual Israeli Apartheid Week on Sunday by plastering the London Underground network with hundreds of anti-Israel posters. The London Transit Commission announced the unauthorized campaign is considered vandalism and is working to remove the ads.

The London Transit Commission announced Monday that it was working to quickly remove an anti-Israel campaign posted by activists marking Israeli Apartheid Week, during which activities and on-campus lectures are dedicated to defaming Israel as an apartheid state.

The Commission announced that the campaign was unauthorized, was posted in breach of the law and therefore consisted of “vandalism” and was being taken down.

“These are not authorized adverts,” a spokesperson said. “It is fly posting and therefore an act of vandalism which we take extremely seriously. Our staff and contractors are working to immediately remove any found on our network.”

Anti-Israel campaigners kicked off the annual Israeli Apartheid Week on Sunday by plastering the London Underground network with posters claiming to expose Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

The posters also claimed British arms were used to “slaughter” Palestinians during Operation Protective Edge and suggested that “Apartheid is Great Britain.”

The BBC was the target of another ad which accused the news network of biased reporting in favor of Israel and against the Palestinians.

BDS’ (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) chapter in Brighton tweeted on Sunday: “Over 500 London tube trains plastered with posters for the 4 million passengers to read tomorrow #Israelapartheidweek.”

Israeli Apartheid Week takes place annually across more than 150 universities and cities. It aims “to raise awareness about Israel’s ongoing settler-colonial project and apartheid policies over the Palestinian people,” supposedly a just cause, when in fact it is a week dedicated to the hatred of Israel, and by way of that, Jews.

Likewise, panels, film screenings, and actions build support for the Palestinian-led BDS movement.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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