Thunder and lightning storms continued to light up Israel’s skies for a second day in a row on Tuesday. And as expected, Israelis caught some amazing images of the lightning on their camera phones.

One particular image of lightning over the Jerusalem skyline went viral on social media. That’s because the lightning gives the appearance of a huge man walking over Jerusalem and zapping it with his thunder bolt arms.

lightning over Jerusalem (courtesy: Facebook)

And while the lightning storms have created some incredible images for some, they have also brought great devastation to others. That’s because five Israelis have been struck by the lightning at the Zikim beach near Israel’s southern coastal city of Ashkelon.

All five victims were taken to the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, according to a Magen David Adom spokesperson.

One of th evictims, Elazar Hazut of Beersheba told the Jpost from his hospital room: “I ask for Israelis to pray for us.” Elazar, his brother, Elhanan, and wife, Efrat, 21, remain in serious condition. His brother, Asher, 14, was transferred in critical condition to the hospital as resuscitation attempts continued. Another sister, 13, whose name was withheld, is in serious but stable condition.

Due to the lightning and thunderstorms, flash flood warnings have been sent out with Israel’s Parks Services cautioning hikers against sensitive trails, especially in the south including the Dead Sean and Eilat area. The thunderstorms are expected to subside on Wednesday. Israelis are currently celebrating the holiday of Sukkot (feast of Tabernacles). Sukkot is a time where most are on vacation and utilize the time to go on hikes or to the beach.

Source: Israel in the News