On Saturday, dozens of Lebanese protesters reacting angrily to reports of Israeli spying equipment crossed over the international border into Israel, confronting IDF troops. The IDF responded with tear gas and smoke grenades, and succeeded in driving the Lebanese protesters back across the border without injuring any of the infiltrators. The incident occurred near Kibbutz Manara in Northern Israel

The incident occurred as a result of a Hezbollah-affiliated Twitter account post on Wednesday of  photos of the alleged IDF equipment used for spying.

“The Israeli enemy penetrated through the technological barrier surrounding the village of Meiss Ej Jabal, in the Qurum a-Shiqui region near the Blue Line, and planted spy gear in the area,” the post read.

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Tension between Lebanon and Israel have been growing recently. On Wednesday, Lebanese media mistakenly reported an Israeli Air force strike near Damascus, retracting that statement a few hours later. On Monday,Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said, “Israel must ‘count to one million’ before waging any war on Lebanon and we’re prepared for any threat”. Two weeks ago, Nasrallah threatened a missile strike against the nuclear reactor in Dimona.

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