Law Proposal: Give Worshipers Equal Rights as Protesters

During an Interior Committee hearing on Tuesday, Israeli Knesset Member Ariel Kellner touched on the police conduct during the anti-Netanyahu demonstrations reports 0404. Kellner said that it was time for everyone to follow the same rule: “The law of prayer is the law of demonstration.”

Ariel Kallner (courtesy: screenshot)

MK Kellner also discussed the lax enforcement of anti-Netanyahu protesters and contrasted it with the more harsh enforcement shown towards prayer gatherings and weddings saying: “Allowing the seemingly sacred demonstrations, certainly did not help the public better understand why demonstrations are ok, but prayers and weddings or prayers – are not. This phenomenon eventually led to an increase in the virus and also to the lockdown.”

“The claim that there is no data (on the virus’ spread) during demonstrations is ridiculous. Just this week it was revealed that the category “demonstration” doesn’t appear at all in the epidemiological study.”

Kallner added: “I hope that my bill to limit the demonstrations according to the ruling of Aharon Barak will pass as soon as possible. The demonstrations endanger both the residents and the demonstrators themselves. It was only recently reported that there were at least 20 corona patients in the demonstrations. The time has come to recognize the reality.”


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