Israelis poll second in favorable view of the US – survey

Israelis poll second in favorable view of the US – survey

What do Israelis really think of the United States? In a Pew Research Center survey released on Tuesday, 23 countries were polled, including Israel, on views of the US, its global role, and President Joe Biden.

Overall, 59% of the 23 countries polled reported a favorable view of the US, and 54% reported confidence in Biden.

In Israel, 87% of participants rated the US favorably, ranked second only behind Poland. Israel is currently reporting its highest perceived favorability of the US since 2003.

In a poll of eight countries, Pew found that perceived favorability of the US has increased significantly since 2019, when there was a decrease in favorability during the presidency of Donald Trump and an increase since Biden’s election in 2020.

Israel reported 68% confidence in Biden’s ability in handling world affairs, ranking fifth highest, equal to the Netherlands and behind Poland, Sweden, Kenya, and Nigeria.

The area where the polls were most controversial was the US’s global role in foreign affairs. Eighty-two percent of participants said the US does interfere in the affairs of other countries. However, only 61% viewed the US as a contributor to peace and stability around the world, and only 49% believed the US takes the interests of other countries into account.

“International public opinion is essentially divided over how much the US considers the interests of other countries when it is making foreign policy decisions,” according to Pew.

At 80%, the majority of Israelis reported feeling the US does account for their country’s interests, while many other countries voted in disagreement.

Although views of American foreign affairs are divided, most countries have a generally positive perception of the US when it comes to soft power, including universities, technology, military and entertainment.

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