A summary of the Palestinian violence suffered by Israel in the last two weeks paints a grim picture:

  • A Palestinian armed with hand grenades and a gun attacked IDF soldiers stationed on the security fence separating Israel from Gaza. The Palestinian terrorist was attempting to cross into Israel.
  • Dvir Sorek, a 19-year-old yeshiva student, was stabbed to death in Gush Etzion eight days ago.
  • Two teen siblings were run over by a Palestinian terrorist in Gush Etzion last Friday.
  • Two Palestinians stabbed an Israeli Police Officer in the upper body two weeks ago.
  • At least six rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel in the last week.
  • A father and his son were severely wounded in a grenade attack at a spring near Dolev in the Samaria today. The daughter was murdered in the attack.
  • Since August 1, nine Palestinian militants have been killed in four infiltration attempts from the Gaza Strip into Israel, while one Israeli army officer and two soldiers have been injured on the Gaza border.

The IDF is preparing for the weekly Hamas-organized March of Return riots that have been taking place every Friday, the Muslim sabbath, along Israel’s southern border for the last fifteen months. In a call for an intensified riot today, Hamas sent out a draft message on Monday titled “Responding to the call of Al-Aqsa.”  The message called for Gazans to show their commitment to “protecting Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque” from the “Zionist and American” threat. Hamas also called on the Palestinians inside Israel to increase their violent attacks against Israelis.

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Israel and Hamas agreed to an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire several months ago and the IDF is instructing its soldiers to show restraint in their responses.

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) issued a statement, “demanding an Arab, Islamic and international action” to the events two weeks ago The holy day of Tisha B’av (the Ninth of Av) coincided with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha . The Muslim authority closed all mosques in Jerusalem except for  Al Aqsa, the silver-domed mosque on the Temple Mount. The Muslim authority called on the Palestinians to gather en masse and to prevent the Jews from visiting their holiest site on the day commemorating the destruction of the two temples that once stood there.

In a press release on Tuesday, Hamas urged Palestinians to take to the streets to protest on the 50th anniversary of an arson attack that took place in 1969.

“We call upon all Palestinians, along with all Hamas members and officials, to express their outrage and participate in the massive popular and peaceful activity next Friday in order to face off the Israeli and US schemes and back Palestinian defenders of al-Aqsa”, Hamas said in the press release.

The attack was carried out by a Christian Australian citizen on August 21, 1969.  The attack damaged a pulpit in the Aqsa Mosque. The perpetrator was tried, found to be insane, and hospitalized in a mental institution.

Source: Israel in the News