Israel’s Health Ministry has just issued a new set of directives to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus. And they are harsher and more strict than anything the country has ever seen.

The new directives issued by the Health Ministry have prohibited Israelis from leaving their homes. Exceptions will be made if the reason is to obtain “vital needs and services” reports Haaretz.  Vital services include buying food, home supplies or medication that they cannot get delivered to their doorstep. People in need of urgent medical attention will also be allowed to leave.

All outdoor leisure activity, with a small amount of exceptions, is also prohibited according to the new regulations. The directives specifically included public parks, beaches as well as malls as being considered no-go zones.

The police announced that they will start enforcing the restrictions on Thursday. ‘Heavy’ fines will be imposed on anyone who violates the regulations according to a police statement.

Source: Israel in the News