British Prime Minister Theresa May‘s decision to call for early decision backfired, as the results of Thursday’s election meant no party could win the necessary 326 seat majority of the 650 seat parliament, paving the way for anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn.

With the majority of the votes counted, May’s  right-wing Conservative party dropped from the 331 seats they won in the 201 election to 322, whereas Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing Labour Party rose from 229 seats in 2015 to 261 seats in yesterday’s election. The Scottish National Party won 34 seats and the Liberal Democrats won 12.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which won 12.5 percent of the vote two years ago won only about 2 percent of the vote. They have a strong platform of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), an agenda referred to as Brexit. The final count of votes will be announced Friday afternoon.

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British voters called for Brexit in a hotly contested national election in May, beginning a two-year process.

Corbyn called for May to step down, saying she had “lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.” The Conservative Party made a statement to the media after the election that May had no intention of resigning the position.

“We won the most seats and the most votes,” one party source said.

May is considered a strong supporter of Israel while Corbyn is considered to be anti-Israel and has been criticized for referring to Hamas and Hezbollah, as “our friends”. He has also compared Israel to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Britain has suffered three Islamic terror attacks since March, leading to campaigning being suspended twice.

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