Iranian Journalist: There Won’t Be UNSC Resolution against Iran since Europe Can’t Bear another War

Iranian journalist Mostafa Sadeghi, member of the editorial board of the Jam-e Jam newspaper, said in a June 6, 2022, interview on Channel 4 (Iran) that Europe would not dare to “get in trouble” with Iran by implementing the JCPOA’s snapback mechanism.

He said that even if the Iranian dossier is referred to the UN Security Council, it will not issue a resolution against Iran. Sadeghi also noted that Russia delivered a “blow” to Europe by “only” cutting its gas supply. He asked whether Europe could withstand another war or a 48-hour halt in its oil supply, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic and amid the Russia-Ukraine war. He added that if Iran “cannot benefit from the JCPOA” and another war erupts, people can “rest assured” that “worse things will happen to the other side.”

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