G-d did something interesting this morning.

So I felt compelled to give a Bible to this random guy–he was black, he had dreadlocks, and he was wearing a Jamaica jacket. 

“Hey, man!  I don’t normally do this but I felt like I was supposed to give you this,” I said as I smiled at him and handed him a little red Bible.

And he looked like he’d just seen a ghost.  He went on to explain to me that he was concerned about a difficult situation and he’d been praying for a sign from G-d–right before I walked up to him!

Thing is, I almost didn’t talk to him.  I had been driving down the road and G-d had to pretty much force me to come back and talk to the guy. 

It turned out he didn’t know any Believers, didn’t know about Yeshua (I used the name “Jesus” in the conversation).  I explained to him how Yeshua loves us even though we’re not perfect, that He provided the Bible as a set of instructions so we’d know the way to walk in life.

We sat down on a nearby bench and as I prayed for him, we both cried a little bit.  It was pretty obvious to us both that G-d was doing something.  Today was the day that this man called out to G-d and G-d responded!

If you, dear reader, are going through a tough time, please remember to call out to G-d.  If you genuinely seek Him, He will reach out to you.  He’s your Father and He loves you very much!



Source: Orthodox Messianic Judaism (http://goo.gl/tTgTQM)