After the IDF launched Operation Northern Shield to destroy Hezbollah-built attack tunnels extending into Israel from Lebanon, it demanded the UN peacekeeping force fulfill its mandate and assist in the efforts.

By: Ilanit Chernick, TPS

As Operation Northern Shield continues on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, OC Northern Command Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick met with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon commander Gen. Stefano del Colo on Thursday, the IDF announced.

On Tuesday morning, the IDF launched Operation Northern Shield in a bid to neutralize Hezbollah-built attack tunnels burrowing into northern Israel from southern Lebanon.

During Thursday’s meeting, the commander of UNIFIL took a tour of the area where the Hezbollah terror tunnel burrowing from Kfar Kila into Israeli territory was found.

Strick, on behalf of the IDF, also expressed strong protest against the violation of Israeli sovereignty by Hezbollah as well as its aim to harm Israeli civilians, adding that this was yet another proof of the serious violations Hezbollah has committed.

“The Lebanese government is responsible for the tunnels being dug by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon,” the IDF said. “The Lebanese government is responsible for the safety of the residents of southern Lebanon who live near the underground tunnels entering into Israel.

Strick gave del Colo a reference map of the Shi’ite village of Ramia, which was marked with a house where an additional terrorist tunnel was being dug into Israeli territory. He gave a clear demand that UNIFIL ensures the neutralization of the tunnel from the Lebanese side of the border.

“The tunnel dug from the village of Ramia crosses into Israel, but does not constitute an immediate threat to Israeli residents at this time,” the IDF said. “The IDF views the Lebanese government, the Lebanese army and UNIFIL as responsible for all that is happening in Lebanon and for enforcing Resolution 1701.”

The IDF estimated on Wednesday that there are at least a dozen Hezbollah attack tunnels along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

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