The Government of Holland has announced that it will cut financial aid to the Palestinian Authority’s budget Palestinian Media Watch reports. The decision was made following Palestinian Media Watch’s presentation to the Dutch MPs of the PA’s “Pay-for-Slay” reward program for terror and for their refusal to abandon the immoral policy.

Following the meeting, MP Joël Voordewind drafted a resolution and submitted it to the Dutch Parliament. The parliament voted 94-56 to slash 7% of Holland’s funding to the Palestinian Authority. The reason they only cut 7% was because the PA spends 7% of its budget on payments to terrorists in an Israeli prison and to families of terrorists who were killed, or as PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas calls them: “Martyrs”.

The latest decision to cut all Dutch aid is a significant development. That’s because Holland was until now funding the PA’s Justice Ministry. However, the Netherlands is now saying that the PA’s distribution of salaries to convicted terrorists makes them ineligible for funding – even if the donor funds are allocated to a legitimate cause- like the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, monetary aid is fungible and any donor money frees up other PA funds for terrorist-related activities.

Meanwhile, other European governments responded claiming that they have received “guarantees” that their donor aid is not going towards terrorism. Instead, they claim that it’s going to fund other legitimate Palestinian Authority expenses. Holland is currently rejecting this popular EU excuse of funding the Abbas’ PA even though it rewards terrorism.

In September, Breaking Israel News reported on a UN speech given by Abbas where he threatened a holy war with Israel and vowed to pay terrorist salaries “even if I have one penny left.”

Source: Israel in the News