The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) and security forces recently arrested 23-year-old Youssef Yasser Souyalem, resident of Qalqilya, a Hezbollah operative who planned on committing terror attacks, including abductions.

Youssef Yasser Souyalem (Israel Security Agency)

Soulayem, who is a professional locksmith, joined Hezbollah through a Facebook profile the Lebanese-based organization uses to recruit. Soulayem was then instructed to open an “operative” mail with an encryption software which permitted to get into contact with a Hezbollah handler known under the name of “Abu Hassin”.

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Within the framework of the contact with his handler, Soulayem was instructed to perform several missions, including photographing and collecting information on IDF military bases, important junctions and sites of the Old City in Jerusalem. He was also ordered to create a terror cell aimed at carrying out kidnappings and transfer of abducted to Lebanon.

Soulayem was arrested by the Shin Bet in time, before he managed to act on his plans. An indictment was issued against him by the Samaria Military Court on account of serious security offenses.

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