GOOD NEWS! New York State Awards Israeli Startup $1M Prize

GOOD NEWS! New York State Awards Israeli Startup M Prize
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Israel’s Zooz Power wins New York-Israel Smart Energy Innovation Challenge, Free trade with Guatemala, UAE’s largest business delegation to Israel, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


NY State awards $1 million to Zooz

Israel’s Zooz Power (see here previously) has won the New York-Israel Smart Energy Innovation Challenge. Zooz will use the $1 million prize to help New York integrate fast-charging battery capabilities and eventually phase out gas-powered vehicles.

Free trade with Guatemala

Israel and Guatemala have signed a free trade deal, which includes industrial, food, and agricultural goods. Bi-lateral trade rose 11% to $40 million in 2021. Guatemala’s foreign minister said his country’s economy only improved after moving its embassy to Jerusalem.

UAE’s largest business delegation to Israel

Delegates at the Tel Aviv conference for UAE-Israel trade expressed their amazement at how far trade relations had come in the two years since the signing of the Abraham Accords. There are now 72 weekly flights between the two countries.

400 Israeli startups in NYC

As the Covid-19 pandemic crisis recedes, a huge number of Israeli startups have fulfilled their plans to expand to New York City. The interactive platform Israeli Mapped in NY now lists 400 Israeli startups operating in the Big Apple. See also details of the conference Mind the Tech NY (14-15 Sep).

Shop-and-go in Tel Aviv

Israel is finally getting its first grab-and-go, checkout-free grocery store at Israel’s Shufersal on Mendele Street in Tel Aviv, using technology from Israel’s Trigo (see here previously). Trigo’s systems are already powering stores in the UK, US, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Tel Aviv to ban noisy polluting planes

The Israel Airports Authority said it will aim to reduce noise and air pollution at Ben Gurion Airport by banning 4-engine civilian aircraft, including Boeing 747s and other jumbo jets, starting next year. It will only affect cargo planes, as no 4-engine passenger planes fly to Israel.

Another AI virtual sales assistant

Israel’s Winn.AI offers a real-time AI assistant that unobtrusively monitors sales calls and captures key data so salespeople don’t need to take notes or manually update the system. (See also Israel’s

Investment in Israeli startups to 18/9/22:

Kape Technologies raised $220 millionZesty raised $75 millionCYREBRO raised $40 millionDig Security raised $34 millionJoonko raised $25 millionGroundcover raised $20 millionOwnera raised $20 millionSightfull raised $18 millionWinn.AI raised $17 millionOpus Security raised $10 millionXtype raised $5.8 millionVineSight raised $4 million


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