Good News Israel! Israeli Kidney Donor, Recipient Run Marathon Together

Good News Israel! Israeli Kidney Donor, Recipient Run Marathon Together
kidney donor recipient

After life-saving surgery, donor and recipient run marathon; American immigrant gets Outstanding Volunteer award; from inaugural trip to Israel to Birthright CEO; and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Running a marathon with his kidney donor

When 29-year-old Israeli Guy underwent a kidney transplant, he never imagined that just a year after the life-saving surgery, he would run a marathon – and do so with Yael, the person who donated the kidney that saved his life.

Immigrant from New York is Outstanding Volunteer

Emily, an Olah from New York, came to Israel to volunteer as a nurse’s assistant at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center. She has just received a National Civic Service Outstanding Volunteer award.  Emily’s ambition is to become a doctor.

From first Birthright trip to CEO

Elias Saratovsky, who participated in Birthright’s inaugural trip to Israel in 1999-2000, has been named the new president and CEO of the Birthright Israel Foundation. “I remember standing at Birthright’s Mega-Event in Jerusalem ….. that trip shaped my identity.”

Ancient Jewish fortress being excavated

Archaeologists and volunteers have begun to dig and research the magnificent Hyrcania fortress in Judea. Its history begins in the 2nd century BCE Hasmonean period. It is linked to Herod the Great, and also to the treasure mentioned in the Copper scroll from the Dead Sea scrolls.

Rare ancient Jewish coin recovered

A rare coin depicting the last Hasmonean king of Judah, Antigonus Mattathias II (40 BCE – 37 BCE) has been recovered in East Jerusalem. The coin features a cornucopia – a horn of plenty, with a Hebrew inscription reading, “Mattia Kohen Gadol,” as the king was also High Priest.

Record Birthright participants at the Kotel

History was made recently when a record 1,127 Birthright-Israel: Mayanot participants spent Friday night together at the Western Wall. Days earlier, another record was shattered with the largest group of US college students (almost 800) to ever arrive in Israel on a single day.

Webinar to help UK pre- & post- Olim

On Sun 16 July, 5pm UK time, UKAA is hosting two free online talks. The 1st on legal issues including property in Israel. The 2nd on why an Israel based wealth manager is better than a UK one. Register at the link below or email with full name and phone.

160-year-old butterflies return to Israel

A box of butterflies has been donated to the Steinhardt Museum in Tel Aviv to mark the International Congress of Middle Eastern Butterflies. The 160-year-old butterfly box contained specimens collected by the Anglican Church’s delegations to the Holy Land from 1863-1865.

40 years’ work of the IFCJ

For four decades the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has helped less fortunate people in Israel, – Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, or any other religion. The IFCJ devotes 70% of its resources to food aid. It has also brought over 5,000 new Ukrainian immigrants to Israel.


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