Leila Wafi

Leila Wafi, running for office in Belgium, says she plans to fight to end colonization, particularly in the Palestinian territories.

By TPS and United with Israel Staff

Leila Wafi, who hails from Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, is running for office in the Belgian Parliament.

Wafi currently leads the Palestinian Women Union in Belgium. She has stated that if elected, she will promote the “rights of Palestinian refugees” in Belgium and will defend them throughout Europe.

Palestinian refugees number only several thousand, and not the millions claimed by the Palestinians, according to a classified State Department document.

A graduate of Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, she moved to Brussels after serving as a desk officer at the Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Ministry.

Palestinian Issue Magazine, which, according to its mission statement, is “committed to make the whole world know about Palestine and its real story,” on Monday published a profile on Wafi, saying that she “spent her childhood in diaspora. She returned to Palestine following the peace accords with Israel and she has participated actively in the construction of Palestine.”

Wafi also considers herself a refugee. According to the article, “in 2004, she moved to Brussels and started a new life as a refugee.”

She plans “to fight to end colonization in the world in particular in the Palestinian territories [sic].”

Wafi is a member of a fast-growing community of Arabs from the PA and Gaza who have left for Europe, and especially Belgium, the destination of choice for Palestinians from Gaza.

The Gazan community in Brussels currently numbers some 22,000 people.

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