Regarding the period of the corona-crisis, “out of 24 countries in western Europe, the amount of deaths by natural causes hasn’t risen in any significant manner” explains Israel’s former Health Ministry director Yoram Lass. In a radio interview on 103 FM Lass noted that the data shows that there was only about a 2% increase in natural deaths in western Europe during the corona-crisis. “If anyone tells you that someone died from Covid-19, they are lying to you” he added.

After Prime Minister Netanyahu championed Israel’s “success” by comparing it to Belgium, a country with a similar population as Israel but with a death toll of nearly 7,000 (while Israel’s death toll is only around 240), Lass was quick to note that it can only be credited to Israel’s climate. “The virus behaves in the Middle East completely differently than other parts of the world” he said. “In the entire Middle East, which boasts a population of 400 million, 7,000 have died- just like Belgium.”

When asked if the lock-down measures in Israel were worth it, Lass vehemently rejected the measures saying that “Israel should have behaved the same way as they do during flu season.”



Source: Israel in the News