Female influencer slammed for singing antisemitic song, praising Hitler

Female influencer slammed for singing antisemitic song, praising Hitler

Hannah Pearl Davis, the 26-year-old social media influencer, became famous for challenging feminists and women with liberal values on her YouTube channel titled JustPearlyThings. Her 8,500 videos garnered 1.63 million followers and subscribers. Pearly challenges young women with her views, including the belief that women shouldn’t have the right to vote, saying, “We all know that nothing goes through our brains.” She has also stated her belief that women are happier as stay-at-home mothers and that divorce should be illegal. Pearl bashes women who aren’t virgins because, apparently, “the one thing we’re supposed to be better at [than men] is purity.”  She claims that a man’s cheating is a woman’s fault. 

But all that fame and notoriety evaporated after she released a video of herself singing her new track, “Why can’t we talk about the Jews?” dedicated to her favorite white supremacist, Nick Fuentes.

The song includes lines like, “Why can’t we talk about the Jews?” and  “I am not saying that Hitler was a good guy, but I kind of want to know why…” she sang, her voice trailing off, leaving the viewer to wonder what she wanted to know.

“Now there’s all these conspiracy theories, and the more they talk, I think ‘maybe they are right,’ but I can’t even listen to the convo,” Pearly complains in the song. “I can’t even have the conversation without getting canceled by the left and the right.” 

The video has been removed from YouTube.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism released a statement, defining her video as categorically antisemitic. 

“The frequent allusions made to the age-old trope of Jewish control and power are disturbing in themselves, but even more so when sung with a smile.”

Fuentes, the founder of America First and the focus of her song has openly praised Hitler, denied the Holocaust, and compared Jews being burnt in concentration camps to cookies in an oven.

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