The FBI arrested a man on Friday in St. Louis, Missouri on charges of making bomb threats to at least eight Jewish community centers, but the vast majority of the threats remain unanswered.

Juan Thompson is accused of making bomb threats over the course of January 28 to February 22 against the Anti-Defamation League office in New York, a Jewish history museum in New York, as well as JCCs and Jewish schools in New York, Michigan, Dallas and San Diego.  Thompson was fired from his job as a reporter for The Intercept in early 2016 for fabricating stories. The FBI alleged that Thompson “appears to have made some of the JCC threats as part of a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate” a former girlfriend.

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There have been five waves totaling 122 bomb threats at nearly 100 Jewish community centers and Jewish schools nationwide this year. No bombs were found at any of the locations.  Last Monday, 31 bomb threats were called into 23 JCCs and eight Jewish day schools

In the last three weeks, Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized and dozens of gravestones toppled in University City, Missouri; Philadelphia and Rochester, New York.

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