8.4 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico, killing at least six and generating a tsunami. The quake, which was felt as far as Mexico City and Guatemala City, struck 74 miles off the southern Pacific Coast at 12:49 a.m. ET Friday. The United States Geological Survey reported several aftershocks, most registering more than magnitude 5.

Mexico’s civil protection agency reported this was the most powerful earthquake to hit the capital since a 1985 quake destroyed sections of Mexico City, killing thousands of people.

Initial waves were recorded at the Mexican cities of Salina Cruz, Puerto Madero, and Huatulco between 0.3 and 0.7 meters over tide level. They predicted waves between 0.3 and 1 meters for the Cook Islands, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guatemala, and Kiribati. Waves below 0.3 meters were forecast for countries as far as Australia, Japan, and Vietnam.

This is the most recent in a wave of major natural disasters in that part of the world. Texas suffered the costliest natural disaster in US history when Hurrican Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast two weeks ago. The hurricane dumped a record 51.88 inches of rain, causing 38 deaths and $190 billion damage from the massive flooding.

In the wake of the hurricane-generated disaster, less attention has been given to wildfires raging across eight states in the western United States, forcing thousands to flee their homes. Millions of acres of forest have been burned in the past week, creating hazardous breathing conditions in many parts of the Pacific Northwest. In California, the La Tuna fire near Burbank has burned nearly 7,200 acres, becoming the largest fire ever recorded in Los Angeles in terms of area.

The troubles are far from over as Florida braces for a potential hit from Hurricane Irma, the second of three hurricanes born under the solar eclipse as it passed over the Atlantic Ocean less than three weeks ago. Irma, a category five hurricane, is the most powerful storm ever recorded over the Atlantic and had recorded sustained winds of over 190 MPH. Across the Caribbean, at least 13 people are confirmed to have died in the storm. On Thursday, the storm hit Puerto Rico, leaving more than one million people without electricity and 56,000 people without water.

Though it is impossible to predict the path of a storm, meteorologists warned Irma could turn north and hit central Florida over the weekend. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties in his state, ordering 7,000 National Guard troops to report for duty by Friday morning.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the most prominent rabbis of this generation, warned that Miami is in grave danger from Hurricane Irma and that people should evacuate.

Yet another eclipse-touched hurricane, dubbed Jose, is still developing in the Atlantic Ocean.

One week before the solar eclipse transversed the continental US, Breaking Israel News was the first news service to publish an article about a prediction in the Yalkut Moshe, written by Rabbi Moshe ben Yisrael Benyamin in Safed in 1894. Rabbi Benyamin predicted that when a solar eclipse occurs at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul, as this one did, “It is a bad sign for the other nations, bringing great damage to the kings of the East, and bringing great storms and death to animals.”

At the time of the eclipse, meteorologists predicted that the three storm systems under the path of the eclipse would not develop into significant hurricanes. Four days later, the prediction of the Yalkut Moshe was revealed to be accurate.

Rabbi Daniel Asore explained the purpose of natural catastrophes in the end-of-days.

“It comes as a natural phenomenon, but it is really meant to affect the people,” Rabbi Asor said to Breaking Israel News. “Natural disasters are meant as a warning, like a father slapping the table in order to warn his children that they are doing something that angers him.”

Of more concern at the time of the eclipse was the escalation in hostile relations between the US and North Korea. Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, identified the “kings of the East” in the prophecy as Kim Jong Un, the despotic leader of North Korea. Since the eclipse, that situation has further deteriorated with North Korea firing a missile over Japan’s airspace and initiating an underground test of a hydrogen bomb.

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