During Priestly Blessing near Temple Mt, Western Wall Rabbi Prays for Trump’s Recovery

On Monday, Israel’s two chief rabbis and joined with US Ambassador to Israel, David Melech Friedman, in praying for the full and swift recovery of President Donald Trump. 

The blessing was held at a special ceremony in which Kohanim, make descendants of Aaron the Priest, blessed Israel. The blessing is pronounced at every morning prayer service but a special gathering is held twice a year during the third intermediate day of both the Sukkot and Passover festivals. Normally attended by tens of thousands, pandemic restrictions have limited attendance to people living within half a mile of the Kotel (Western Wall).

During Birkat Hakohanim (the priestly blessing), Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the rabbi of the Western Wall, recited a traditional Jewish prayer for healing on Trump’s behalf. 

“May He who blessed our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon send healing to Donald John, son of Fred,” Rabbi Rabinovitch prayed. “May the Holy Blessed One overflow with compassion for him, restore him, cure him, strengthen him, enliven him.”

The event was also attended by the Sephardi Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yiotzchak Yosef, and the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau.

Also in attendance was David Melech Friedman, the US Ambassador to Israel. Friedman is a Kohen and regularly attends these events at the Kotel. 

Also in attendance was Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon.

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