The above verse, Deuteronomy 34:12, is the last verse of the Torah which is composed of the Five Books of Moses. Today Jews around the world celebrate Simchat Torah which literally means ‘the joy of the Torah’. On Simchat Torah, the final Torah portion of the year is read aloud in synagogue marking yet another completion of the annual reading of the Torah. This event is marked with a wonderful celebration of singing and dancing. Traditionally, all of the Torah Scrolls are removed from the Ark and paraded through the synagogues. It is considered a great honor to hold a Torah Scroll and as such the Torah Scrolls are passed from the hands of one worshiper to the next during the celebration so that every individual is given the chance to hold the Torah on this auspicious day. Shortly after the Torah reading is finished, the scroll is wound back and the congregation listens closely as the Torah is read aloud from the beginning with Genesis 1:1. While Simchat Torah is the celebration of the completion of the annual Torah reading, it is simultaneously a celebration of renewal and the beginning of the next cycle of Torah reading.

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