Conference on Palestinian Hatred of Jews Reveals Antisemitic Narrative Adopted by US

Conference on Palestinian Hatred of Jews Reveals Antisemitic Narrative Adopted by US

A conference on Jew-hatred among Palestinians brought together some of the most powerful voices in Israel advocacy. But the speakers agreed that antisemitism is now entirely adopted as the basis of the two-state solution and US policy towards the Jewish state.

The Pulse of Israel held its first annual conference on the subject of “Unmasking Jew-Hatred Within the Palestinian National Movement.” Speakers included former White House Special Envoy Elan Carr, author and journalist Melanie Phillips, Itamar Marcus, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch, author and journalist Caroline Glick, Ido Daniel from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Adiel of Israel, and more. Hosted by Avi Abelow, the conference will also include the awarding of the “Brave Leader of Zion” Award to Sara Haetzni-Cohen, chairwoman of My Israel, one of the largest national-Zionist movements on the Internet, promoting Zionist activism in the age of the Internet and social media. 

The need for the conference was underscored last week at a special Congressional hearing on antisemitism. The congressional hearing was called “Responding to Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Bias in the UN, Palestinian Authority, and NGO Community” — taking an especially close look at the form of antisemitism that masquerades as criticism of Israel. This vile antisemitism was, ironically, put on display by the remarks of Sara Jacobs, a Jewish Congresswoman from California.

“A lot of the rhetoric we’re hearing out of the current Israeli government that I would argue is as inflammatory as what you’re citing coming from the PA about, you know, the Palestinian state are having a right to exist,” Jacobs said, equating Palestinian calls to murder Jews to the Israeli government’s policies. “We are conflating legitimate criticism of deeply problematic policies with antisemitism. I think it’s important that we recognize the strong relationship between antisemitism, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia.”

“Oftentimes, we talk about the UN focusing so much on Israel, and at the same time, we hear as American Jews that we do feel like there’s a special connection to Israel. We do want the US to have a special relationship with Israel, and a special relationship goes both ways. We should have a right to criticize what they are doing. The special relationship has to go both ways,” Jacobs added. “Yeah, this entire hearing has been pretty disheartening to me as an American Jew.”

“Her reaction to the horrific testimony highlighting the blatant antisemitism was an absolute disgrace, highlighting how the woke progressive American Jews have completely disconnected and distanced themselves from their fellow Jews,” Abelow said. With it all, the solution for the rest of us for a bright future is clear.”

Melanie Phillips presented a reasoned argument emphasizing that the Palestinian claim against Israel is, at its core, spurious.

“George Bush said the Palestinians were entitled to a state of their own,” Phillips said. “Well, if they ever were entitled to a state of their own, surely after their behavior for the best part of the century, that entitlement is not proportionate in any decent world. And in any event, they were never entitled in the first place because the idea of the entitlement totally ignores the fact that only the Jewish people are entitled to this land in its entirety, as dictated by history. And as enshrined in international treaty obligations and all other instruments of international convention today, which dates back to the 1920s.”

Caroline Glick, an influential right-wing journalist, explained the Palestinian antisemitic narrative that is at the core of the proposed two-state solution.

“In particular the Jews in the diaspora and specifically in the United States, and for a while, a plurality of Jews in Israel were taken in by this concept of two states,” Glick said. “And that’s what’s really embraced as the position of the Government of Israel in 1993 with the advent of the so-called Oslo peace process with the PLO and the two state narrative.”

“It essentially says that the reason that there is a conflict between Israel and the Arab world at large and the reason that there’s a conflict between people with the Jews of Israel and the Palestinian Arabs specifically is because Israel is too large. And what we really need is for Israel to yield territory that it controls, specifically the territories that were the cradle of Jewish history and civilization; Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.”

Glick explained that this narrative was based on the premise that the Palestinians are the true owners. 

“So when you look at the nature and the basic assumption of the so-called two state solution, you see that it involves a whole scale adoption of the Palestinian appropriation of Jewish history,” Glick said. “So people who [adopt this narrative] refer to Israel as colonialist occupiers and settler colonialism. What they’re doing is they’re embracing out of whole cloth this concept that we are not native to our native land, that our history doesn’t exist, and that their appropriation of our history is more legitimate than our actual history.”

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