In the wake of deteriorating relations between Israel and the US culminating in the disastrous UN vote last Friday, Tommy Waller, a Christian from Tennessee, is bringing a delegation of Israeli Knesset members to Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

A spiritual Christian, Waller describes himself as deeply connected to the land and agriculture of his native Tennessee. When he came to Israel 13 years ago and saw the vineyards bearing fruit in Mount Bracha near Shechem, he realized he was witnessing the fulfillment of prophecy right in front of his eyes.

Again shalt thou plant vineyards upon the mountains of Shomron; the planters shall plant, and shall have the use thereof. Jeremiah 31:4

Tommy Waller, Founder of HaYovel (Photo: HaYovel)

Waller did not set out to make a political statement when he founded HaYovel, a non-profit organization that brings Christian volunteers to Israel to experience the wonder of the Holy Land for themselves. However, he realized that even his religious project would include unavoidable political implications, and accepted it as part of the process.

After the recent UNSC vote in which the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama chose to abstain from voting thereby abandoning Israel, Waller felt determined to ensure such an occurrence would not happen again.

HaYovel is therefore bringing two members of Israel’s Likud political party to America where they will attend the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. Waller believes this inspiring sight of Jews and Christians standing together will help Israel, but he believes it is necessary for America as well.

“We want Trump’s administration to start out right, We are bringing the Knesset members that are connected most strongly to the Biblical promise to Israel,” Waller explained to Breaking Israel News. “This is unprecedented. There have never been representatives from Israel at a presidential inauguration.”

The Israeli delegation will consist of MK Yehuda Glick, MK Sharren Haskel, and the organization’s representative to the Knesset, Tsofia Nahon. They will attend the inaugural ball, seminars on Capitol Hill, congressional meetings, receptions, and rallies during the week of the event.

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Waller believes it is important for Israel to be represented at the inauguration because most Americans support Israel. This is born out of their belief in the Bible and God’s promise to the patriarchs, the HaYovel founder conveyed.

“What happened at the UN was an attempt by the leaders of certain nations to undo the miracle, to say they are bigger than God, and these miracles aren’t really miracles. Israel got slapped at the UN, but that was also an attack against the American people who believe in God and support Israel,” Waller said. “Unfortunately, the political environment is also going through a spiritual change.”

After witnessing the blessing of God’s promise to return the bounty to the Holy Land, Waller believes supporting Israel will bring bounty to America as well.

“We want to see this blessing also come to America, and that is dependent on our support of the Jewish people in the Promised Land,” Waller said. “Not from our financial aid, but from our actually blessing Israel and supporting Israel from our hearts.”

HaYovel founder Tommy Waller, CryForZion co-founder John Enarson, and Yehuda Glick at Pastor Doron Keidar’s CryForZion Sukkot event (Photo: Facebook)

Israel is, in a very real sense, protecting its more powerful ally, and the phrase ‘peace process’ is a misnomer that threatens America, expressed Waller.

“We need to stand against the two-state solution. Judea, Samaria,and the Golan are enormously important,” he explained. “Everything east and north of them is problematic for Israel, but even more so for America and Christianity. America needs Israel to have this buffer zone.”

Waller sees the Jewish-Christian delegation as a prelude to future events bringing American Christians and Israeli Jews together. He is beginning to advocate international recognition by Christians of the Jews’ return to a unified Jerusalem in 1967 as a miraculous revelation of God’s promise.

Thus saith Hashem: I return unto Tzion and will dwell in the midst of Yerushalayim; and Yerushalayim shall be called the city of truth; and the mountain of Hashem of hosts the holy mountain. Zechariah 8:3

“We are in the 50th year, the jubilee,’ Waller noted. “On June 7, the anniversary of that miracle, we want to challenge every pastor to preach about the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 as God acting in the world. We want to have an international celebration in churches around the world. It’s in the Bible. It will preach!”

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