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Open Letter to Toby Janicki at First Fruits of Zion

Toby, I just read your review of “World of the Ger” by the orthodox Jewish rabbi Chaim Clorfene and I’m a little puzzled.  You wrote: “I have read quite a few of these books and, unfortunately, have found more than a few of them to be less […]

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Shadows of Yeshua in the Writings of the Rabbis: A Brief Survey of Passages Reflecting the Underlying Belief That the Image (Demut) of the Glory (Kavod) of the Hidden G-d is Anthropic

Recently I was reading a chapter in Wolfson’s “Through a Speculum That Shines” which was entitled “Israel: The One Who Sees God –Visualization of God in Biblical, Apocalyptic, and Rabbinic Sources”.  I think the title of the chapter is fascinating by itself–the idea that only Israel can […]

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The Rainbow: Symbol of the Shekhinah, Symbol of the Torah of Moses

The Rabbis have said that the 7 colors of the rainbow represent the 7 Noahide laws, a set of laws that they claim derives from Scripture. But Scripture actually says the rainbow represents the complete, indivisible Torah of Moses. Allow me to explain. First, the number 7 […]

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