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Positive Encounters with Christian Pastor

As Messianics, we can sometimes become cynical and downhearted after years of hearing Christian friends or pastors respond negatively when we talk about our own Judaic/Torah awakenings.   But, just occasionally, things don’t go as expected. I’m seeing many positive things at a certain local church.  A […]

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Pesach Delicacies (Reblogged from Natsab)

LINK TO ORIGINAL POST Just read this over at Natsab.  Wonderful set of Pesach recipies!  I think I’m going to really experiment with matzah pizza this Pesach.  I think the secret will be getting the lowfat mozzarella and having good oregano… Hey, feel free to share your […]

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Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to Work

G-d did something interesting this morning. So I felt compelled to give a Bible to this random guy–he was black, he had dreadlocks, and he was wearing a Jamaica jacket.  “Hey, man!  I don’t normally do this but I felt like I was supposed to give you […]

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Candle-Lighting Times