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Where Would Noahides Go If There Were No Synagogues?

Messiah’s community is a single community expressed in diverse forms within the Jewish community and among the nations. All are called to a dedicated life of worship, neighborly service, and public testimony to Yeshua. Unity and love throughout the entire community confirm Yeshua’s role, as the One […]

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How Is The World Blessed By The Offspring of Abraham?

I was sitting in the airport in Dallas reading my daily page of the Talmud when an elderly priest, readily identifiable by his collar, stopped by my seat and asked me a question. “I hope you don’t mind my interrupting you. I see you are reading a […]

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Everybody Complains

Everything is problematic, including this post. And it’s about fking time you all realized it. I give the transgression of everything being problematic four problematics. Now we can start making change happen. -Delilah S. Dawson Everything’s A Problem Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf […]

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Candle-Lighting Times