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The Unchosen

Originally posted on Powered by Robots: Image found at “I’m sorry Norman, but as long as you continue to sin, you are not welcome in this church.” Norman Walker had been attending First Church of the Baptism for over a year now. At first Pastor William […]

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Book Review: 5 Minute Torah by Darren Huckey

Darren Huckey asked me to review his book 5 Minute Torah: Messianic Insights Into The Weekly Torah Portion which was published last fall, and to that end, mailed me a copy. It really lives up to its title. Good Things This is a terrific beginner’s Torah study […]

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How is Messianic Judaism “Trending?”

My stats say this blog has a little over 900 followers and while that doesn’t put me anywhere in the same neighborhood as TechCrunch, it does mean that at least potentially, a few people out there are visiting and reading my content (and thank you for doing so, […]

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Candle-Lighting Times

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