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Was Paul a Judaizer?

Was Paul a Judaizer? “Of course not!” most will reflexively answer. For two thousand years, New Testament Bible teaching and Jewish history have developed an instinctive reaction to confidently categorize Judaism and Judaizing as things that Paul opposed. Are these instincts and reflexes consistent with Paul and […]

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Mussar and the Path of Discipleship

Discipleship is a daily resolve to choose to take up our cross and follow Yeshua through making wise decisions and representing Messiah in our lives. Most of the time, we make simple choices between caffeinated or decaf coffee, healthy food or junk food. However, there are certain […]

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When Messianic Jews Were Murdered

While most of us have heard of the Spanish Inquisition, few are aware of what it was or the unbelievable events that led up to it. Spanish historians use the word Convivencia to describe the communication and sharing of ideas that went on in Spain during the […]

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Candle-Lighting Times