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Keep the Torah for God’s Sake

A classic Jewish saying goes like this: “a person can be a renegade with the permission of the Torah.” Of course, this does not mean that God’s Torah, which Paul describes as holy, righteous, and good (Romans 7:12), actually permits a person to behave like a scoundrel. […]

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The Fast of Tammuz and the Story of Redemption

The Jewish calendar is not just a buffet of celebrations and memorials. The holidays and observances throughout the year are prophetic guides that help us understand how the Creator interacts with his world. Collectively, they tell a story: the story of redemption. The story of redemption is […]

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Take Action!

Every ally of this movement needs to own a copy of the manifesto written by David H. Stern [1]. Messianic Jewish Manifesto, written in the mid-1980s, is needed more today than when it was first published. While a re-tooled version of the manifesto was later published under […]

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Candle-Lighting Times