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The Revelation of Joseph

Joseph himself revealed his identity to his brothers. Unlike Jacob, Judah, and Tamar, Joseph did not hold up any personal items (such as his coat or a staff and seal) and say, “Please recognize.” Rather he removed the mask himself, declaring, “I am Joseph.” As he did […]

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This Too Is for the Good

The life of Joseph demonstrates God’s sovereign hand in human lives. Though the world seems to follow a completely random course around us, God is actually working out His purposes in the midst of it. From Joseph’s point of view, there was no reason to suspect that […]

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Signet, Cord, and Staff

This parasha tells the story of Jacob’s son Joseph and how he was removed from the land of Canaan and dwelt in Egypt. The narrative follows Joseph from Canaan to Egypt to prison. In addition, this week’s reading contains the interesting story of Judah and Tamar, his […]

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Candle-Lighting Times