The first thing you notice when you pass through the gate and into the moshav is the smell. Like a campfire that was doused with water and left to sputter. The second thing: just how many of the trees look like they’ve survived an inferno.

Because they have.

Back in May, Moshav Mevo Modi’im (aka Me’or Modi’im or just “the Moshav”) lost nearly all of its 60 homes to a fire so intense that it fried the electrical and plumbing systems. And though the investigation was inconclusive, many insiders still suspect arson.

But against the odds, surrounded by a landscape of burnt-out homes and the scorched skeletons of trees, it was business as usual for the Moshav Mevo Modi’im Country Fair on Oct. 16, just like it has been every Sukkot since 2006.

Source: Israel in the News