In an effort to share Biblical news from Israel to a wider extent than ever before, Breaking Israel News has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance even better coverage of prophetic and Biblical stories in Israel while fighting media bias against the Holy Land.

The campaign, which will run for the entire month of March with a goal of $15,000, is the first-ever reader-driven fundraising campaign attempted by Breaking Israel News.

With millions of pageviews and hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, Breaking Israel News (BIN), which strives to provide a Biblical point of view on news from Israel and the Middle East,  has grown incredibly in just a few years. Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the news site’s founder and publisher, says that the website fills a need that no one else is addressing.

Reveal God’s Hand in the Headlines

“No other news site is giving Christian and Jewish readers a uniquely Biblical take on today’s news,” Rabbi Weisz explained.

But BIN does even more than that, he added. “There’s no question that the most important aspect of our work is not only finding the ‘Biblical bias’ on the news but breaking astounding stories about Biblical prophecies which are being enacted and fulfilled today in front of our eyes.

“Our work is so important because it proves that the Bible is truly coming to life, today, in the land of Israel,” he continued. “We are watching the days of the Messiah come closer through the news.”

Among the prophetic topics regularly covered on Breaking Israel News are the most up-to-date stories on the Third Temple, the nascent Sanhedrin, the Messiah, End-of-Days, the ingathering of exiles, archaeology confirming the Bible, natural phenomena fulfilling prophecy, Christian Zionism, and much more.

“We are the first place Bible-believers go to get their news on Israel,” BIN Editor-in-Chief Abra Forman stated. “Our newsletter, with prophetic articles, news articles, videos and op-eds, is sent out to 80,000 people every day. We have an average of 2 million pageviews a month.”

Help BIN to spread news from a Biblical perspective!

“Our goal is very simple,” she explained. We want to reveal the Hand of God in the headlines – to uncover the real, concrete evidence of the miracles and mysteries of the Bible springing to life today, to show the world the amazing signs of redemption that we see here before us in God’s chosen land.”

But there’s a limit to how much BIN can do, Forman added. “With a relatively small staff, we can’t always cover all of the stories we want to or reach as many people as we’d like. After all, our message needs to be heard today more than ever.”

She emphasized that media bias against Israel is worse than it has ever been in the past. “Now you don’t just have the media ganging up against Israel. Now, international bodies like the United Nations and the European Union are joining the fight against the only democracy in the  Middle East, and on campuses across America, students are being indoctrinated to hate Israel, to blame it for every one of the region’s problems, to see it as an evil occupier that should be wiped off the map.”

While God’s protection will ensure Israel remains strong, “It is painful and disheartening to see so many people unable to recognize the Biblical message that is written so clearly,” Forman lamented.

“With more funding, Breaking Israel News will have the resources to combat this prejudice, to become more influential in the media, and to spread the Biblical truth to the world.”

Forman believes the campaign will reach its lofty goals. “We know our readers are among the most pro-Israel people in the entire world, and that they have no doubts that the Bible is truth. We also know they are passionate about spreading that truth,” she said, noting that most BIN articles garner dozens or hundreds of comments from readers.

“We hope that their love for Israel, and for BIN’s mission of ‘revealing the Hand of God in the Headlines’, will inspire our readers to donate even a small amount to the campaign in order to ensure that the website continues to grow and grow.”

To support the mission of Breaking Israel News to reveal the Hand of God in the Headlines, click here.

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