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I grew up in a protestant family that wasn’t particularly devout. Despite being exposed to biblical stories at church and Sunday schools, and loving them, I didn’t really think much about them outside of class or church sermons.

About five years ago, I went through a spiritual crisis. To an outside observer, my life could have appeared perfect, but inside I had a general feeling of meaninglessness and sadness that I couldn’t quite explain. Fortunately, at that time, I rediscovered the bible. The first bible study group that I joined gave me a lovely and fulfilling experience. I learned a lot and understood where my sadness was coming from. I was mostly grateful that it taught me that the bible was a discovery. Studying it is an empowering and challenging spiritual experience and every person needs to find their own path on the way to gaining a better understanding of the bible.

So began my journey to gaining a deeper understanding of the bible. I began to be more and more interested in the Old Testament and I read a lot of sermons and commentaries about the stories it contains, after which I started to contribute my own insights in various forums. Many of these discussions became about the original meaning of the text in Hebrew. Anecdotes that I read about the verses as they were written in their original language shone a new light on them in most cases and ignited my imagination.

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For some reason, the idea to learn the language itself did not seem realistic to me. I work long hours in my business and I’ve never been very good with languages. But when one of my close friends wrote to me that he started learning online with eTeacher, I decided that it’s time to try it out for myself. I have to admit that I have a long way to go with my studies. I finished my first course and am about to start the second, but I feel that eTeacher and the learning method they use make it this language accessible for people who want to read the Old Testament in Hebrew. I can now read commentaries in their original language, and the text itself is becoming clearer every day.

About five years ago, my life took a very positive turn when I rediscovered the bible. It was a happy time for me, I learned a lot and felt like I am finally finding my path. Learning Hebrew has reminded me of that time. I recommend it to anyone that is interested in the original language of the bible or anyone interested in the bible in general.

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