IDF Border Guard sappers neutralized an improvised explosive device (IED) adjacent to Route 555 in on Monday afternoon. The sappers used a robot to verify that the object, a modified fire extinguisher, was indeed a bomb. The incident is still being investigated by the security forces.

An IDF spokesman released a statement about the incident.

“An IDF tracker discovered the device during a patrol near the Shomron (Samaria) brigade regional headquarters. Additional forces were called to the scene and traffic was stopped. Sappers were called to the scene and the device was neutralized.”

Though details were not provided about the specific soldiers, the IDF trackers are almost exclusively Bedouins and Druze who perform that difficult role in some of the most demanding combat units.

The attack with an explosive device is of the same type that took the life of Rina Shenrev three days ago.  That IED contained three kilograms of explosives and was situated adjacent to a boulder to amplify the effect.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council commented on the incident.

“It is shocking to imagine the horrible events that would have taken place had the IDF not uncovered this device. We thank the security services for a quick and effective response. This will not deter or intimidate us. We will continue to move about and dwell in our land; every spring and every hill. We will continue to build with our heads held high. They [the Palestinians] deal in death and we will always deal in life and our land.”

Tzachi Dickstein, chairman of the Samaria Settlers’ Committee, commented on the incident.

“This is the fourth terrorist attempt in the last two weeks,” Dickstein said. “The facts speak for themselves. The current policy of removing roadblocks is an ongoing mistake. We need to return the roadblocks and the security checks as well as the guard posts that oversee the Arab villages in order to return security to the residents of Judea and Samaria and prevent the next tragedy. Jewish lives are worth far more than the daily routine of the Arabs.”


Source: Israel in the News