A group of witches gathered at Trump Tower in New York City at midnight on Friday to cast a spell on the new President, in a bizarre act that conforms precisely to a recent prediction made by a mystic rabbi in Israel two weeks ago.

Casting a spell on the President in NYC (YouTube)

Only a small group gathered but the the “binding spell” was posted online for people to participate, while Singer Lana Del Rey announced on her Twitter account that she would take part. The spell was also aimed at the supporters of the new president, calling for the binding of “their malicious tongues”. Casting the spell required an orange candle, a photo of President Trump, a white candle, a pin, a feather, water, salt, sand,, and a Tarot card. The witches have promised to cast a similar spell every crescent moon until the president leaves office. The next crescent moons are March 26, April 24 and May 23.

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This bizarre call for black magic to be used against the President of the United States conforms precisely to a powerful prediction made by a prominent mystic in Israel two weeks ago. Breaking Israel News reported that the noted mystic spiritual leader Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi warned against witchcraft and black magic making a comeback in the world in his weekly sermon. Rabbi Ben Artzi warned that these dark powers would be used against world leaders in an attempt to usurp God’s rule, specifically mentioning President Trump as a target of these dark powers.

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi (Photo: תאיר נרי בנשיאות הרב ניר בן ארצי שליטא” Official Facebook Page of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi)

“[God] rules the world, and not the powers of impurity. Idol worshippers look to the stars and tell fortunes in tea cups, using tarot cards, and other methods. They believe these things rule the future,” the rabbi said.The ritual at Trump Tower did indeed use Tarot cards, normally used for divination.

Rabbi Ben Artzi also predicted in September that Israel had nothing to fear from the advanced S-300 anti-air missile system Russia was selling to Iran.

The rabbi predicted, “These missiles, which can shoot down practically any plane, will get a virus in their computers, and go crazy.They will blow up inside their bunkers. The launcher will blow up underneath them.”

In December, that is precisely what happened, and videos of the advanced weapons misfiring and exploding in their bunkers were posted on YouTube.


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