In a startling lecture, a noted rabbi labelled the anti-Israel movement prevalent in global politics today as the first stage in a two-part End of Days prophecy, noting that this stage, a Christian-Muslim alliance, is ending as America’s new president severs ties with the Islamic world. Another rabbi agrees, suggesting the absurdity that has come out of the anti-Israel UN is only an indication that the next stage, a Muslim-Christian conflict, will be even stranger.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen, a noted scholar and head of the Beitar Illit Yeshiva, stated that in the End of Days, Christianity and Islam will separate into two distinct groups working in unison against the Jewish People as part of a pre-Messianic two-stage political process

Rabbi Zamir Cohen (Screenshot)

“They will come together against Israel,” said Rabbi Zamir Cohen, a noted scholar and head of the Beitar Illit Yeshiva, in a recent lecture. He went on to describe a second stage of the process in which the alliance was broken and the Christians began helping the Jews. “When they come against us, there will break out a conflict between them, and then they will strike at each other.”

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf, a prominent Jewish educator and bestselling author, agreed, saying that the first stage has already happened: Islam and Christianity have aligned against Israel – and the union has manifested in a notoriously anti-Israel international body.

“The epicenter of this united effort against Israel is most apparent in the United Nations,” stated Rabbi Apisdorf to Breaking Israel News.

“This alliance defies logic,” the rabbi said, citing a recent speech by Nikki Haley, the newly appointed US ambassador to the UN. A newcomer to the UN, Haley was astounded at what she saw at her first Security Council meeting.

“The prejudiced approach to Israeli-Palestinian issues…bears no relationship to the reality of the world around us,” Haley said in a press conference last week. “The double standards are breathtaking.”

Rabbi Apisdorf agreed with Haley’s assessment, saying that the UN joint effort against Israel was unrealistic and “absurd”, but it had been prophesied to be so. He quoted the Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, a French rabbi from the eleventh century known by the acronym ‘Rashi’.

“In his commentary on the first verse in Genesis, Rashi predicted that in the end of days, the non-Jews would all come together, uniting in order to dispute the Jews’ right to the land of Israel. The UN did exactly this, claiming there is is no connection between Judaism and Jerusalem, a  claim that would have been thought absurd just a few years ago.”

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Rabbi Cohen believes the first stage, the unity of Arabs and Christians, is nearing its end, and that the second stage has already begun. In his lecture, Rabbi Cohen said the second stage would begin when a leader arose to unify the Christians against Islam.

Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf (Aish)

“According to our prophecies, some revolutionary Christian leader will arise who will be disgusted by everything that is happening,” said Rabbi Cohen. “He will unite the Christian world around him, that is to say Islam will turn into one group, and Christianity into one group.”

In a previous lecture given just after the US elections, Rabbi Cohen speculated that Donald Trump might indeed be this prophesied leader. He noted that President Trump’s unrestrained style of speech is precisely what will join Christians together against the alliance with Islam promoted by the previous president.

“This is unprecedented, something we have yet to see in the world, a leader who stands up and says that he has had enough of the trespasses of Islam,” Rabbi Cohen said.

A conflict focusing the combined forces of Christianity and Islam against Israel is a terrifying prospect, but according to Rabbi Cohen, this conflict, the war of Gog and Magog, serves a definite purpose.

“If we look at it from the side of a divine accounting, what purpose does the conflict serve?” the Rabbi asks. “When it comes time for the Moshiach (Messiah) to come, let it come, without this conflict.”

Rabbi Cohen answered his own question by stating that the main purpose of the war of Gog and Magog is to pay back the Gentiles for all the troubles they caused the Jews throughout history.

“The Christians and Muslims will split, becoming two groups that strike each other,” explained Rabbi Cohen, but the conflict can take two forms: one that will be difficult and painful for the Jews and another form in which the Jews escape unharmed.

“If the Jews correct our mistakes, our blemishes, then the war of Gog and Magog will come only to pay back the other nations for the evil they did to the Jews in the past. If, on the other hand, the Jews have not fixed themselves, then God will use the war of Gog and Magog to pressure us to return us to the correct path.”

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