Israeli settler teenagers allegedly beat a group of mainly foreign volunteers recruited by the organization ‘Rabbis for Human Rights’ according to a report by TOI. But despite what the organization’s name might imply, Rabbis for Human Rights recruits left wing volunteers with no security training to “provide a protective presence” for “Palestinian” farmers. The farmers, who came from terrorist hotbed Arab villages Burin and Haware, were encroaching on Yitzhar’s territory and picking the community’s olives when the attack took place.

Fire at olive grove claimed to be ignited by setttlers (courtesy: Twitter)

Those claiming to be inured were volunteers from the US, UK and other European countries. An 80-year-old Rabbis for Human Rights board member, Rabbi Moshe Yehudai, claims to have gotten hit in the head and was evacuated to a local hospital with light injuries.

According to their website, Rabbis for Human Rights “works year round with Palestinian farmers from over thirty villages in the West Bank to ensure they complete their agricultural tasks free of harassment.” In 2012 RHR called on EAPPI , an organization that promotes BDS activity, “to join them in providing a protective presence to Palestinian farmers trying to harvest their olives but experiencing attacks from settlers” according to the website NGO Monitor.

Rabbis for Human Rights is heavily funded by the European Union, Spain, the UK, the Catholic Church of Ireland and the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP).

RHR also accused the settler teenagers of burning down the olive grove, a common tactic used by the Arabs to create smokescreens during rock attacks.



Source: Israel in the News