In an email sent Monday night, Amazon reportedly invited Israeli merchants active on its platform “to register to reach customers in Israel.” 

By Tofi Stoler, Calcalist

Amazon intends to enter the Israeli market officially with a dedicated shopping website.

In an email sent Monday night, Amazon invited Israeli merchants already active on its platform “to register to reach customers in Israel,” Ynet reported Tuesday.

According to the email, as a first step, Amazon intends to operate in Israel on a Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) basis, which means sellers will operate on a dedicated Amazon website but will be personally responsible for shipping and logistics, the report said.

In the Hebrew-language email, Amazon said registered merchants will have a better chance, by being featured by Amazon, to reach a broader audience of local customers.

Amazon has yet to respond to Calcalist’s requests for comment.

Amazon currently makes deliveries to Israel through the Israeli postal system, mainly from the U.S. and Europe, causing long delays and high shipping costs, which may deter Israeli customers from placing orders with the company.

In June 2018, Calcalist reported that Amazon is in talks with Katz Deliveries, a local delivery company, regarding the possibility of making its local deliveries through Katz’ B2C subsidiary Buzzr. Calcalist first reported Amazon’s intention to enter Israel In November 2017.

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