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We must demand that Amazon stop selling books that promote Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

Amazon continues to sell books that promote Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

Titles such as “The Myth of Extermination of the Jews and Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told” are available online. Other anti-Semitic texts, including those comparing Jews to devil worshipers, are also marketed through Amazon.

Many of these books have received four-star reviews on the site and were praised as shedding light on the “truth.”

Amazon is essentially promoting literature advocating Holocaust denial and Jew hatred. Anybody searching Amazon for books about the Holocaust, including students working on school projects, will inevitably be shown a squalid cesspool of neo-Nazi titles.

Amazon’s conditions prohibit the sale of “offensive material,” but these titles are still sold by the Internet-based retailer. Amazon is profiting from these transactions.

It gets worse.

Robert Rozett, director of libraries at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial, dispatched a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking for his assistance to “curb the spread of hatred.”

“Once again, given the presence of anti-Semitism around the globe, which has become more prevalent in recent years, we strongly urge you to remove books that deny, distort and trivialize the Holocaust from your store,” Rozett stated in his letter.

“Holocaust denial and other forms of hate speech indisputably nurture prejudice and hate crimes, facilitating the spread of such hate-filled ideas is irresponsible, to say the least,” he continued. “As a major agent for the dissemination of ideas, it is incumbent upon Amazon, as it is also incumbent upon internet providers in general, to act to curb the spread of hatred.”

Amazon has yet to respond to the letter.

Yad Vashem has approached Amazon in the past on the issue, but Amazon insisted it would not halt sales of offensive and inciteful material, citing freedom of information.

We must fight this travesty and urge Amazon to drop its sale of Holocaust-denying and anti-Semitic literature.

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