ACT NOW! Antisemitic, Anti-American Law Graduate Calling for Insurrection Must NOT Practice in US – Danger to Society

ACT NOW! Antisemitic, Anti-American Law Graduate Calling for Insurrection Must NOT Practice in US – Danger to Society
Fatima Mohammed

CUNY School of Law graduate Fatima Mohammed called for the destruction of the Zionist regime “by any means” and for the defunding of New York police and the U.S. military. “The fight begins now,” she declared. 

The commencement speech delivered last month by City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law graduate Fatima Mousa Mohammed alarmed not only Jews, but also patriotic Americans. Her incitement to violence and seeming call for the destruction of America was perhaps even more alarming than her vicious lies about the State of Israel.

Mohammed praised the law school’s encouragement of anti-Israel activity, including BDS. However, she continued, CUNY Central “continues to fail us, continues to train and cooperate with the fascist New York Police Department, the military, that continues to train [Israeli] soldiers to carry out that same violence globally.”

The U.S. legal system is “a manifestation of white supremacy that continues to oppress and suppress people in this nation and around the world,” she claimed.

“May the rage that fills this auditorium dance in the hallways of our elementary schools…may it be the fuel for the fight against capitalism and racism, imperialism and Zionism around the world…by any means necessary…

“We will protect the fight that brings us all closer to the fall of all oppressive institutions – a reality that is only myopic and unrealistic to the oppressors, but is the inevitable future for the oppressed, for oppressed people everywhere.

“Far greater empires of destruction have fallen before, and so will these. And so, to the class of 2023, the fight begins now,” she declared.

‘Wildly Inflammatory’

This week, The Lawfare Project urged the Character and Fitness Committees of the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division to reject any future application by Mohammed to practice law in the state.

“In order to enter the legal profession, in addition to graduating from law school and passing the bar examination, the state bar requires certification of a candidate’s good moral character and fitness,” the Lawfare Project explained in a letter, while stressing that “Mohammed’s actions make clear that she does not meet these requirements.”

According to the legal non-profit:

“On May 12, 2023, at the CUNY Law School graduation ceremony, Ms. Mohammed delivered a wildly inflammatory speech in which she used her platform to repeatedly vilified ‘Zionists,’ ‘Zionism’ and Israel. Expressions of hatred and prejudice towards ‘Zionists’ are widely understood as being directed towards Jews.

“Ms. Mohammed has previously published highly anti-Jewish remarks on social media and reportedly spoke at a rally held in New York City by Within Our Lifetime (WOL), an anti-Jewish hate group, during which a WOL member violently assaulted a Jewish bystander (and client of The Lawfare Project) and is currently serving an 18-month federal prison sentence. Rally participants were instructed by WOL to refer to targets as “Zionists” rather than “Jews” — just as Ms. Mohammed did during her graduation speech.”

In its letter to the Character and Fitness Committees, The Lawfare Project wrote:

“The legal profession plays a pivotal role in upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of all individuals, irrespective of their religious or ethnic background. Lawyers must maintain impartiality and treat all clients, colleagues, and members of the public with dignity and respect. Indeed, the Application for Admission to Practice as an Attorney and Counselor-at-Law in the State of New York specifically asks applicants if they have engaged in behavior that would call into question their ability to practice law in a competent, ethical, and professional manner.

“Ms. Mohammed’s expression of hostile and discriminatory views leaves no doubt that she is incapable of adhering to these tenets and fulfilling her responsibilities as a legal professional.”

‘Jew-hating Monster’

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) also released a statement calling on the New York State Court System – and similar entities in all other states – to “disqualify Mohammed from obtaining a law license in New York and elsewhere, because she lacks the requisite good character to become a member of the New York State bar or any other state bar.”

According to ZOA:

“Jew-hating monster Fatima Mousa Mohammed’s recent commencement speech at CUNY Law School was one of the most frightening, dangerous, hateful, libelous, antisemitic, anti-American speeches ever. Fatima Mohammed is a leader of antisemitic hate groups SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) and WOL.

“WOL calls for “globalizing the Intifada” – meaning spreading the terror wars to murder Jews throughout the world.

“In her CUNY commencement speech, Mohammad falsely accused Israel of perpetrating indiscriminate murder, when in fact it’s the Palestinian Authority terrorist dictatorship that perpetrates indiscriminate murder by paying Arabs lifetime pensions to murder Jews, naming schools and streets after Jew-killers, and publishing posters honoring Jew-killers. Only last week, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh praised recent killers of Jews as martyrs.

“Fatima Mohammed’s CUNY speech promoted and incited violence and hatred towards Israel, America, CUNY Central and the police; endorsed antisemitic boycotts; and honored Hamas financiers. Mohammed’s outpouring of anti-Jewish and other incitement and hatred should never have been permitted, especially at a law school supported by New York State and New York City taxpayer dollars.”

ZOA elaborates:

“Jew-hating bigot and murder-inciter Mohammed is a Yemini immigrant who has a long record of spewing antisemitic and anti-American bile. Her recent tweets and Instagram posts have included: ‘May every Zionist burn in the hottest pit of hell’; ‘i pray upon the death of the USA; …’zionist think they’re doing something when they call me a israel hater like … yeah buddy its not just hate – I don’t believe israel should exist at all’; and ‘Here is your daily reminder that a world without israel existed and a future without it will too.’”

Fatima Mohammed poses a serious danger to Jews and to the United States!

Please join The Lawfare Project and ZOA in demanding that this Jew-hating, anti-American graduate be barred from practising law in the state of New York – and, for that matter, anywhere else in the United States.

Write to the Committees on Character & Fitness at

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