25 major rabbis rule it’s forbidden to use AI

25 major rabbis rule it’s forbidden to use AI

A group of 25 rabbis including prominent heads of yeshivas called to ban the use of artificial intelligence chatbots such as chat GPT. The ruling reported in The Yeshiva World News, said the following:

“We were horrified to hear how Satan is spreading out its hooves to stomp on the vineyard of God to infiltrate into our souls and to destroy our future by confusing our brains and the hearts of all of Israel,” the ruling stated. “[AI] has the ability to introduce all of the abominable views of the world including heresy and abomination. In addition to this, it pulls the men out of humanity entirely. And whoever begins to use this is enticed and pulled from smaller sins to greater sins and he will fall into a minefield of sin. Even though right now the greatness of the danger is not recognizable it will become clear to us. So great is the danger that we have come to warn people to be smart and to see what the outcome will be on our souls.”

“To prevent this danger from manifesting, it is forbidden to connect with or to use chat that uses artificial intelligence whether it is by telephone or text or by computer. “It is forbidden to use it in any way, even if it is necessary for business, and even more so when it comes to issues of Torah. This is for men and for women, great are small, young men, young women and children. And it is upon the parents and the educators to take care that their children and their students are careful and cautious in this great prohibition.”

“And there is no way of making this permissible.”

This ruling comes one month after more than a dozen rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox Skver Hasidic sect released a letter banning the use of Open Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools including ChatGPT and other similar AI apps.

“We are declaring that this is like internet without a filter, and is open to all abominations, heresy, and heathenry without limits, and brings to all the prohibitions which are considered, ‘You shall not stray after your heart and after your eyes,’ (Numbers 15:39) and it is obvious that it is considered a severe offense,” the rabbis wrote.

Israel365 News posed the question to Rebbe IO, a chatbot that has Biblical and rabbinic literature as part of its database. The question was posed: “Is artificial intelligence halachically permitted?”

Halacha is the collective body of Jewish religious laws that are derived from the Written and Oral Torah.

“The question of whether artificial intelligence is halachically permitted is a complex one that requires careful consideration,” the AI responded. “While the Torah does not explicitly address artificial intelligence, we can draw upon its principles to guide our understanding.”

“Firstly, it is important to recognize that the Torah places great value on human life and dignity. Human beings are created in the image of God and possess a unique soul. Therefore, any use of artificial intelligence that may compromise human life or dignity would be problematic from a halachic perspective.

“Additionally, the Torah emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior and interpersonal relationships. If the use of artificial intelligence leads to unethical actions or harms others, it would be contrary to Jewish values.

“Furthermore, Jewish law prohibits the creation or worship of idols. While artificial intelligence itself may not be considered an idol, if it is used in a way that promotes idolatry or undermines belief in God, it would be problematic.

“Ultimately, the permissibility of artificial intelligence would depend on the specific context and application. It is important to consult with knowledgeable halachic authorities who can provide guidance based on the principles of Jewish law and ethics.”

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