Syrian news reported on an airstrike at around 2:30 am on Saturday in Central Syria that targeted three locations, destroying several buildings, injured 17 military personnel, and killed several others. SANA, the official Syrian news service, quoted an unnamed military official as saying the airstrike near the town of Masyaf, in Hama province, hit a military academy known as the Accounting School and a center used to develop and upgrade medium-range missiles. The military source claimed that most of the missiles were shot down.

“The enemy missiles were dealt with and some of them were shot down before reaching their target, resulting in damage to a few buildings and the injury of three fighters,” a report on SANA said.

Also hit in the airstrike was a nearby military base run by Iranian supported military. The news service claimed the strike was carried out by IDF warplanes firing missiles from Lebanese airspace.

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According to a report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Arabic, Iranian “elements” and pro-Iranian militants were killed in the alleged attack, and 17 people were injured.

As per its policy, the IDF did not comment on any military activity outside the borders of Israel.

Source: Israel in the News