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Book Review: 5 Minute Torah by Darren Huckey

Darren Huckey asked me to review his book 5 Minute Torah: Messianic Insights Into The Weekly Torah Portion which was published last fall, and to that end, mailed me a copy. It really lives up to its title. Good Things This is a terrific beginner’s Torah study […]

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How is Messianic Judaism “Trending?”

My stats say this blog has a little over 900 followers and while that doesn’t put me anywhere in the same neighborhood as TechCrunch, it does mean that at least potentially, a few people out there are visiting and reading my content (and thank you for doing so, […]

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When is “Winning” in Social Media Going Too Far?

Then Moses and the Children of Israel chose to sing this song to Hashem, and they said the following: I shall sing to Hashem for He is exalted above the arrogant, having hurled horse with its rider into the sea. –Exodus 15:1 Stone Edition Chumash Miriam the […]

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