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How Listening to Negative Voices Destroys Our Peace

Imagine hearing this announcement when you start off each day: “Welcome to your own broadcasting show. We’re on the air today and every day. We run from this moment on, for the rest of your life. You can’t shut off the show, but you can choose what […]

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Another Look at Torah Principles and the Gentile

For years, I’ve subscribed to daily updates from the Aish HaTorah Jewish educational website. I know, I’m not Jewish, but I find that the vast majority of their content “resonates” with me better than most traditional Christian commentary. A few days ago, I came across an interesting […]

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On Not Counting the Omer

I keep forgetting about Shavuot. I haven’t been counting the Omer, although in the past, I’ve made a case for non-Jewish Christians doing so. My lack of “observance” isn’t Messianic Judaism’s fault, it’s mine. Some time ago, someone in the MJ movement reached out to me privately […]

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