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Slice of Life

Not knowing the language here in Israel has its drawbacks. It is a source of amazement to me, not to mention my fellow Israelis, that after twenty-five years in the country, I continue to be, shall we euphemistically say, challenged. I can get along in stores, supermarkets, […]

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Getting to the Heart of Replacement Theology

These are some of the statements that I regularly hear as I travel around to various Christian and Messianic venues. “The church has not replaced Israel!” “God is not through with his people!” “The Jews are still God’s chosen!” Whether I am at a Christian church or […]

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Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Recently, I attended a debate in Atlanta that addressed the topic, “Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?” Through the years, I have become less of a fan of these kinds of debates. My experience has been that the “winner” is typically the one who has more skill at […]

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