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Mind over Mitzvot?

In the movie The Matrix, life itself was just an illusion. A person who was sufficiently enlightened and mentally focused could actually alter so-called reality. Some people feel the same way about the Torah, based mainly on Romans 14. After all, Paul wrote that regarding observance or […]

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Moses + Love

Every so often I go through phases of Scripture study, using various rabbinic methods of exegesis to pull out the full meaning of the Hebrew. I tend to get bored fairly easily just reading the text straight from Hebrew, so I need to stimulate my mind with […]

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The Cross Necklace

The cross is a symbol of Christian communities and faith in Messiah. Not so much within the Messianic Jewish world. Many Jews and Messianic Jews avoid the symbolism of the cross as it invokes images of the Crusades and church-sponsored persecutions rather than the atoning death and […]

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