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On Not Counting the Omer

I keep forgetting about Shavuot. I haven’t been counting the Omer, although in the past, I’ve made a case for non-Jewish Christians doing so. My lack of “observance” isn’t Messianic Judaism’s fault, it’s mine. Some time ago, someone in the MJ movement reached out to me privately […]

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C. S. Lewis on the Ascension of Yeshua

The Ascension of our Master Yeshua is one of the strangest things we believe. People of faith have a lot of strange beliefs including the existence of the soul, the resurrection of the dead, miracles in general, the second coming, the kingdom, and the World to Come. […]

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Breaking down Israel and Iran’s Power-Plays

Mainstream media sources often demonstrate intentional or unintentional bias against Israel. So where do you go to find news about Israel and the Middle East? Once a week, we post an Israel News Recap (sans rhetoric) to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Israeli […]

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